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 in all water filtration systems and dispensers within Metro Manila.

Your Trusted Drinking Water Filtration System Provider

Make your tap water potable and safe to drink.

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We help more Filipinos access affordable, clean, and safe drinking water from tap.


At the same time, reduce the use of single-use plastic containers.

We do this by providing high-quality, sustainable and trusted water filtration solutions for all your drinking water needs. Whether it is for home, office, restaurant, hospital, business, gym or even travel, we got you covered!

Water dispeenser for home

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Reverse Osmosis water filtration for home • Best water filtration system for whole house • Trusted supplier of water filter systems

Protect your family and loved ones from contaminated water with our counter-top or under sink water filtration system and centralized water filtration for the whole house, or building.

Best water filtration for office • Best water filtration system for companies • Trusted supplier of water filter systems

Reduce management stress over ordering hassles, security concerns, repairs and storage space consumed by plastic water bottles. Our bottle-less water dispenser can be bought or rented. 

Industry Standard water filtration for commercial • Best water filtration system for water refilling station • Trusted supplier of water vending machine

Earn extra income without capitalization. Achieve that with our water vending machine. 


Earn full time with your very own water refilling business.

Best water filtration requests • Best water filtration system for all • Trusted supplier of water filter systems • Activated Carbon

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combat waterborne diseasew with wellthy filtration systems

Our filtration systems transform tap water into purified drinking water.

We are committed to use only the best filters available to purify and to increase the pH level of your water.

The filters that we use can remove 99% of contaminants present in our water source. It performs optimum water purification by filtering out impurities, sediments, pesticides, pathogens (such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and worms), harmful chemicals and other microorganisms found in our water.

The company conforms with the national standards for drinking water. Our filtration systems are DOH-FDA approved.  We are also a proud member of the Water Quality Association. Our products are tested to be proven, clean and safe for our loved ones to drink.

Our Products

We’ve combined more than a decade of experience in designing, fabricating and installing water filtration systems used for:

  • Point-Of-Use (POU) – for direct water consumption from faucet
  • Point-Of-Entry (POE) – for whole house or building filtration


Filtration System

Counter-Top or Under Sink Filtration System

Get instant access with safe and clean drinking water direct from your faucet. No electricity required! This is ideal for kitchen use at home or in a restaurant. Recommended for food and beverage industry.


Filtration System

System for Water Refilling Station

Build your own brand while achieving industry standard quality. Our water refilling systems are used and trusted by leading real estate developers in the country. Ideal for those looking into successful water refilling business venture.


With built-in filtration system

Bottle-less Drinking Water Dispenser

Our water dispensers have built-in filtration system that features 3 temperature settings (hot, cold and ambient). Ideal for home, canteen, pantry or office use.


With built-in filtration system

Water Vending Machine with built-in filtration System


Multi-media Filter

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